Beauty and the Beast (Interracial)

Beauty and the Beast (Interracial)

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Samathaluvzu2 By Samathaluvzu2 Updated Nov 16, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:47 A.M

"Phelicia what the fuck are these?!? Do I not pay you enough? I gave you simple instructions and this is what you give me?!? Get out my office now. You're Fired." Phelicia's old boss yelled at her for taking pictures of the wrong thing. 

"I gave you want you wanted. You asked for children playing on the park with each other. That's what I gave you." Phelicia said in a calmer tone.

"But those are black children. I need white children. They would sell better if they were white children. I don't need this trash you call a picture. Like I said you're fired." Mr. Harrison said pointing towards his office exit door. 

Phelicia got up from her seat and started to walk away but like the person she is she turns around.

"I tried my best. I don't see how you can't see that. Honestly." She said before walking out the door.

"Phelicia what happened?" A coworker named Amy asked her in a worried tone. 

"I got fired. I can't believe it." Phelicia said walking int...

_beneee _beneee Jan 03
Why is she being extra? The man told you straight to your face that he was leaving. He didn't cheat on you in your home, he was man enough to own up to it, so suck it up and stop sulking!
pmgayles pmgayles Sep 04, 2016
Lost a job and her man, a better job and a real man are coming your  way.
Theyrekindahotthooo Theyrekindahotthooo Jul 08, 2016
You'll be back. But it'll be too late. They always come back.