Daddy {h.s}

Daddy {h.s}

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h.s By obsessionharry Updated Jan 25, 2016

"I licked it, so its mine" 



warning: first few chapters are a bit rough, but it gets better (:

Ashisbae11 Ashisbae11 Nov 11, 2016
My girlfriend bish cuz I sleep in she always screaming when call her friends she kinda hot tho yea she kinda tho little little bit hot she pms she won't get out of head she kinda hot tho..... 1 2 3 go
hadleysummers hadleysummers Dec 10, 2016
okay sweetie here's one my grandma used to sing to me!! 
                              *clears throat*
                              UH OH here come that bullshît
                              beat a nîgga áss til the dj stop the music 
                              they say they want that wild shît, mosh pit, jump up in the crowd bîtch 
                              I'm so motherfûcking violent
zulaikha123 zulaikha123 Dec 27, 2016
It's nice to know a snack is more important than his 3/4 years old daughter sleeping ALONE at home, where she could get KIDNAPPED or WAKE UP and cry...just saying 😂😊😳😬
MarinaFares MarinaFares Nov 06, 2016
Them gummy bears better be halal 😂.
                              Wait. This isn't a Zayn story.