Staring Contest [Short Story]

Staring Contest [Short Story]

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junyper By junyper Updated Jun 24

Submitted into WATTY'S 2016! 

"L-listen... I know, I-" he started, his voice sounding heavy and muffled from the tears that were starting to form. "I'm upset, too. W-we can forget-" I stopped his words by shoving him against the wall and kissing the heck out of his lips. I couldn't stop, I didn't care about it being disgusting -- because it didn't feel that way, it didn't feel wrong, and no one was there to tell me it was.


This is so not fair! What gives you the right to write such amazing stories, huh?  I literally can't find a single fault in this story! >:( [please don't think I'm angry, I just love this story so much already and I can't handle it after I just fell in love with your other short story]