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Dragon Princess

Dragon Princess

122K Reads 7.5K Votes 27 Part Story
Lillyofthevalley By LilithBurke Completed

Aralia, captured by her fathers enemy and sentenced to be executed escapes with the help of a mysterious hooded man.  Through a tiring and bloody journey back to her kingdom they stumble across a colony of dragons where a water dragon claims Aralia as its own. Never being loved by her father she is torn between returning to the kingdom to reside as the next in line to the throne or staying in the colony with the one she loves as a dragon rider.

bessie1913 bessie1913 Jan 22
If you choose to edit this story, consider adding a comma after the word dissolve.  Without the comma, it could mean that the field dissolved the arrow.
ttyl-gtg-brb ttyl-gtg-brb May 01, 2016
:):):) we'll hello person who's going to help the warrior princess
Avaritia_497 Avaritia_497 Jun 17, 2016
Ok I don't know if I'm actually going to read this story or not but in my sleep deprived state I found the cover of this book to be fücking hilarious…reason being? I have it tattooed on my thigh HA is that fate or what!?!
mariek18 mariek18 May 14, 2016
Love how she didn't blame herself like they all do.and used a good excuse too!
bridgetteBlansett bridgetteBlansett Apr 20, 2015
cool story, I liked it. sure there were spelling erors but the story is pretty good!
thenymphomaniac thenymphomaniac Jan 03, 2015
I really liked your story! I love how you described everything in great detail! I really can't wait to read more of it, I would really appreciate it if you followed me back or if you could even read my newest story The Arcana? Have a nice day! :)