My Mute Bad Boy✔

My Mute Bad Boy✔

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Potato Queen/ Bae/ AriahLight By U-annoyme Completed

Aiden Florence was scary, not even. He was terrifying. He was the ultimate bad boy of my school. But what surprised everyone the most was that he was mute.

He didn't talk or even make a sound. He didn't even laugh.

I was shocked when I walked in on Aiden talking to himself. Talking! I was even more shocked when Aiden threatened me so I would keep his secret.                                              

Aiden Florence was hiding something and being the curious person I was I wanted to find out the truth about the mute bad boy.

Sequel/Spinoff is "My Broken Bad Boy"!!!
Read after this book. But can be read as a stand alone

Warning.  This book is so horribly written. Please be aware before you read. My Broken Bad Boy is like a million times better.

Im kinda happy that there is diversity because in most books the main character is always either american or american
Ok that's just dickheady but so is calling him a supposed "murderer"
azusax123 azusax123 4 days ago
First the Clost, than the Basement, What are u people doing!?
If I was her I would look around first to see anyone around 🙄
krdddd krdddd Nov 27
The fact that he choked and threatened me, I'd have the undying urge to tell people that he's not mute. Call me petty, petty I am.
fuckout fuckout Nov 26
My fuckn (multiple greats) uncle invented the tv apparently I'm so confused