Being Bullied By My Brother// Hayes Grier and Nash Grier//

Being Bullied By My Brother// Hayes Grier and Nash Grier//

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11/21/2015 By Matts__Wifey__ Updated Oct 29

 Hey Guys So My name is Hayes Grier and for the passed 10 years since I was 3 I have been living with my mom and little sister Sky and I Just found out I have two older brothers but one is in college and the other lives on the other end of the state and I finally get to meet him after knowing about him for about a week now.

I never knew about him because our parents divorced and he went with our dad and i stayed with our mom and sky. I'm really happy to get to know him cause we are moving in with them tomorrow even though i don't want to switch schools but i really don't have a choose unless i live on the streets and i'm not doing that.

"Hayes do you have your all your thing's packed up so the moving guys can put everything on the truck and take it to the house so when we get there all we have to do is set up our rooms" Mama asked from down stairs.

"yes mom" I yelled back and I heard the sound of Sky's little feet patter down the hall to our room. "Hayes the big guys are taking our ...

Jayden_Grier Jayden_Grier 5 days ago
Hey ! It said something about I was chose for this story? And I don't use wattpad that much so I didn't know what it meant 😂 would you. Care to tell me what it meant please?
I don't know if I can read this without crying Hayes is my everything
Goldcamp1 Goldcamp1 Apr 07, 2015
a maybe you can do a chapter when the mom walks in what n Nash and the others are beating his a s s