Oneshot Collection (Yaoi/ boyXboy)

Oneshot Collection (Yaoi/ boyXboy)

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Tyki Mikk By katerinachan14 Updated Nov 23, 2016

A collection of some random yaoi stories I made way back when. (Truthfully, two years ago.) 

A King's Everlasting Love: A short story about a king and his lover. Prince Henry has everything. He has money, women, and everything he could ask for. But the one thing that isn't his is the person he wants most. Once he easily gets his love, he lives a life of pure ecstasy and affection. But one day, things change for him. And he hasn't the power to stop it.

Cicadas: A teacher is in a relationship with his student. When the students family finds out, what will happen?

(Disclaimer: None of the pictures used for these books or chapters belong to me. They rightfully belong to their owners, ie. the artists and those who claim legal right to them)

Did anyone else cry? I cried real tears man. That was a good one.
Just_A_Ghost_8D Just_A_Ghost_8D Dec 21, 2016
What Actually happened: 
                              "Back off,you mega pervert"
                              What I wanted to happen:
LonePie LonePie Nov 20, 2016
This boy thinks somethin is Wong with the age gap. Mmm bit creepy
This is heartwrenchinh but so beautiful. I wish it would be turned into a long story one day!
fyre_Fox fyre_Fox Mar 12, 2015
omg beautiful. think I'm just being emotional but I'm crying
Loveanime019 Loveanime019 Feb 25, 2015
This is a very beautiful story. I loved it and I wish you the best!