The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

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Luke's Girl By clare-elizabeth Updated Jan 06, 2016

Oh God, I hated him. Luke Hemmings. He thought he could sing, he always messed with me. We were basically enemies to say the least. 

It didn't help when he introduced his weirdo friends into the scene. Oh gosh, I still remember some of the stunts they tried to pull. 

Ash made it better. He was probably my only friend, and he understood me. He slayed the drums, and he may or may not have given me butterflies. Like all the time. 

Unfortunately, someone else gave me butterflies. I hated it, but I was faced with a decision. One that would literally tear me apart.

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NatalieMuffinMendes NatalieMuffinMendes May 30, 2017
But then again My genes are 100% Mexican. I just live in America
5secondsofmurderized 5secondsofmurderized Jun 02, 2016
stxnbrough stxnbrough Jan 31, 2017
And chill Luke, I like America but I'm going through a Canada phase, it happens to all us nice impressionable people
maeve_irwin94 maeve_irwin94 Oct 11, 2016
No offence to my fellow Aussie but we can be pretty stupid. Doing dumb things (I am guilty of) but we can bear the heat at least (most of the time otherwise I'll melt)
xXSmileyReileghXx xXSmileyReileghXx Feb 24, 2017
Hahaa all u Americans triggered (lol im not trying to be rude #LOL)
stxnbrough stxnbrough Jan 31, 2017
That's what people say to me about my brother because he's not really popular and I feel so bad😭😂