Sworn enemies | 5sos - Werewolf and Vampire. Book 1 (#TheWattys 2016)

Sworn enemies | 5sos - Werewolf and Vampire. Book 1 (#TheWattys 2016)

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Blah Blah Blah.... By _lovelife1_ Completed

Lucia was a quiet and lonely Vampire, that was afraid of her own shadow.

She met four new guys at her school, which scared her a lot, she thought they would hate her.

But as she became more comfortable with them, she was excited to have made four awesome friends. 

Lucia didn't know how to react when she found out that they were Werewolves. She didn't know if she could trust them and she didn't think they would want to be her friend any longer if they found out what she was.

She knew they were supposed to be 'Sworn Enemies', but she couldn't stay away from the guys, they were the best friends she could have ever asked for.

The guys help her become stronger and fearless and... she finds herself falling in love.

Sequel: Not so Sworn Enemies

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Laxxashtxx Laxxashtxx Aug 03, 2017
you find out about Larry, start shipping it, mentioning it at school and everyplace and 2 boys saying OMG YES
MyRamenNoodle MyRamenNoodle Apr 27, 2016
Blood red pail skin moonlight draw me in quench my thirsting veins let my body feel no pain 
                              It's a spell they say they say to say this three times on the night before you sleep I try it now Im dizzy I want to throw up and Im become thristy
                              Vampire spell they say
Ttbubblesxox Ttbubblesxox Jul 16, 2016
I thought maybe it was Harry Styles until it mentioned a beard ;)
SpringtimeTumblrRead SpringtimeTumblrRead Jun 09, 2016
So...you are basically saying you ARE a Twilight vampire, just without the sparkly skin?
Do_It_Like_A_Boss_ Do_It_Like_A_Boss_ Jun 22, 2016
This is the second time I'm reading this story :-) Like... It's SO FREAKING AMAZING! It literally kept me on the edge of my seat the first time. You're a great writer @_lovelife1_
social_casualty_01 social_casualty_01 Dec 05, 2015
So like rolling STONE ppppppppaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (ps that was me doing an air laugh lol)