Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy

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Shundray Johnson By ShaunJohn190 Completed

Angelina Snow is the youngest of 11girls and he's  the only boy in his overwelming family and he can get pregnant yet he doesn't  know that.  Unlike his sisters he really doesn't  have many friends.
Angelina is a boy who is given a girls name.

(mentions of self harm and rape,child abuse,and under age mpreg)

 if you do not understand mpreg do NOT read this story

ShadeyHog ShadeyHog May 30, 2016
                              It's ok! We will get through this together! *hugs him* it's ok!
ShinoTheShadowShinx ShinoTheShadowShinx Sep 08, 2016
I think many different kinds of "the big ball" will drop on that date...
neshamarie16 neshamarie16 Oct 07, 2015
As long as you stand up for your self forget every body else
IAmCandi IAmCandi Mar 10, 2015
@ShaunJohn190 I have one other thing if its not too annoying which I know it is to some authors but here you say Angel is Tabitha ride but he is only 14 so he can't have a car or a license. or is he meant to be older than 14?
ShaunJohn190 ShaunJohn190 Mar 10, 2015
@IAmCandiBaby i was having trouble tryin to remember tht word
IAmCandi IAmCandi Mar 10, 2015
chauffeur's not showfers and punctuation to help the sentences split off better. these are the only things I see wrong with this story and hope u don't get upset that I mentioned em. it just gets in my head sometimes and i just have to let ppl know