I Am A Werewolf

I Am A Werewolf

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Kailee is 18. Vampires have killed her family and now she is running. She's a rogue and she hates it. She didn't choose this life. Kailee is a tomboy with long brown hair, blue streaks in it, along with torn and tattered jeans and a baggy t shirt. She's in for a ride.

Kailee has been running from vampires all her life and she can't seem to get to safety. 

She's running and she finds a house on the edge of the woods. Their is a balcony on the side of the house, coming from the top floor. Maybe someone could help her. She leaps high in the air, and onto the porch.

But does she realize, this might just make her situation worse.

Krhally Krhally May 12, 2016
So the boy being 11 and named nick how do you know my friend?
mykittylucky mykittylucky Jul 15, 2016
I am loveing it every story I red is okay but this one 
                              Is my fav one do nick and the wolf fall in love???
meghannahnybida meghannahnybida Aug 11, 2016
Like it, but in my opinion the vampire would win in the fight 😂😂. (Just in my opinion don't take it seriously)
I_have_your_soul I_have_your_soul Dec 29, 2016
Great story. It's pretty cool, but can someone please tell me why the wolves ears are blue?