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She Got Herself A White Chocolate Boo (BWWM)

She Got Herself A White Chocolate Boo (BWWM)

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Hawi Grace By xHawix Updated Apr 02

Meet Zinni'ah Seraphina Hobbs. 24. She's a very ambitious person who grew up on nothing but Arizona Iced Tea, Soul Food, and Elmo. She has two older brothers, Travis and Walt. She was sick of living in Texas with her mother on her farm because she kept on nagging her to get married with some farm boy, so she asked her brothers for one thing; to move to Miami. They of course said yes and bought her an average sized, modern house (much to her dismay), and the car of her dreams. She currently reviews manuscripts for one of the Floridian branches of Wolfe Enterprises. Her big heart has been stomped on and ran over by her exes because she had a little more meat on her bones that the rest. She doesn't tolerate playboys either. And because of all that, she's built a wall of ice around her heart that's as tall as the heavens stretch up to. No one's ever been able to break it until now. And the moment she stared into those ice cold blue eyes, she already knew that her wall was melting. Fast.
  Meet Apollo Wolfe. 27. He's the proud of owner of a multi-trillion dollar corporation known as Wolfe Enterprises. He's also quite the casanova. He only dates the best, wears the best, and lives the best.  His cold ice blue eyes pierce through souls and also hide the pain that his ex-girlfriend Natalia and his brother Angelo caused. You'd shockingly think that he would be very cut off and reserved but he exercises perfect control in everything he does. He has everything else but love and he realizes that his one night flings aren't soothing his broken heart. All hope seemed lost but then a blessed angel came his way. In the form of a Miss Zinni'ah Hobbs.
  Join Zinni'ah And Apollo in a world of sexual desire, passion, humor, and most of all love. And you can see whether they last. Or whether they are broken apart.
  Hope You Enjoy!
  xoxo ~ Hawi

I love it but why she gotta be so short with him being so tall she gonna need a ladder to smack or kiss him
EveSlim EveSlim 5 days ago
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EveSlim EveSlim 5 days ago
Aye yo fam check out my story its called Beware of the girl in the red hood its like my own twisted little version if little red riding hood you know what I mean so like yea and u no to everyone else y'all can check it out also u no it would like mean a lot to me thank u
AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone May 12, 2016
I thought his name was "Wait" I was Finna say…why yo parents hate u 😭
Lartasia Lartasia Jan 01, 2016
Your book is awesome & hope you read my book thick & thin bwwm
Nightthinker789 Nightthinker789 Mar 26, 2015
Already in love with the book even though I haven't even starting reading it yet :) ♥