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We're Not All Negan By iRespectBacon Updated Dec 31, 2018

"Oh god Rusef, yes! Faster!" My eyes roll to the back of my head as I explode in a mind shattering orgasm. The grip on my wrists loosen but I don't have the energy to move them from over my head as I breath heavily, coming down from my high. 

His emerald green eyes held love and adoration as they stared back at me. My self control was slipping at the hands of my husband as he caressed my body. Who am I kidding? My self control already slipped the moment I married him.

I could deny him nothing. . .
I loved him too much. . .
No one could ruin what we have. . .

Rusef and Avangeline are happily married and are deeply in love. 

Nothing can ruin this marriage, that's what they both believe until something unexpectedly does that causes a devastating split. 

Will they be able to rekindle their marriage or will the lies within themselves be to much for either one to handle?

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