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Falling Slowly [Barry Allen]

Falling Slowly [Barry Allen]

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Katie By KatieWelander Completed

Being best friends with Iris West was the only thing that brought Katie Marshall to Central City. She's had a hard past with relationships, but this is a new start, with her best friend by her side. Who's to say her luck won't change? The question is, will she let it?

psycho_nightmare_27 psycho_nightmare_27 Sep 25, 2016
Puppy dog face  what if its not leagal and my dad probably wont like it 
                              Groan.  No im not doing it
LaMuerteOfMidnight LaMuerteOfMidnight Dec 18, 2016
I'm doing a book. Please read it. I'm a try hard °•°   ⊙~⊙
Answers: No and Ummm, let's just say he'd be washing his mouth out with soap and our conversation
roytheboi roytheboi Mar 31, 2016
Do you think him and sheriff Stilinski would be good friends? I think so...
superflash31 superflash31 Jun 16, 2016
She is me. My only relationship is with Grant Gustin. We are married 😍😍😘😝
huntresssarina huntresssarina Jul 07, 2016
This is my new favourite story and i have only read the first chapter 😍