Boruto's Misadventures Through Time Traveling!

Boruto's Misadventures Through Time Traveling!

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AUselessCavendish By RugbyRose Updated Jul 14, 2016

When Boruto "Bolt" Uzumaki tampers with one of the scrolls in his father's office, he's sent back in time when Naruto and Hinata were sixteen! 

Now its up to our young Genin and shy Hyuga and Boruto to figure out a way to send him back home as well as not change the past. But it may be a problem when more people are sent to the past!

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Naohime Naohime Jun 13
How did Boruto not noticed when Kiba called out to Hinata lol
Boruto, you don't have wings!
                              *shakes my head*
                              Sarada's right! You are a baka!
But Boruto Naruto is probably eating ramen,  not at the hokage office
MartinSitorus MartinSitorus Dec 09, 2015
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sparklying sparklying Dec 09, 2015
3 questions
                              1) Does he not recognize his mom's face, she didn't look that much different?
                              2)Does he not know his moms name?
                              3) Does nobody look younger?
FindYourMuse FindYourMuse Nov 07, 2015
He didn't notice Kiba called the girl "Hinata" ?
                              Oh well; you'll see