In Trouble

In Trouble

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jelly By shellylovesfood Updated Aug 10, 2016

"Do you have any idea how fast you make my heart race, Cupcake?" He leaned forward and whispered. This simple action, sent shivering chills down my spine. "I, made his heart race?" I wondered, because this bitxh had no idea that he made mine run a marathon whenever he was close to me. I smiled knowingly, because now, I could hear the pace of his heart beating rapidly against his chest. 

Exactly like mine.

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Here, you have Scarlett Anderson. Trouble's her middle name (not really, it's Barbara). She's the State Champion for Athletics and she's insanely sarcastic.

Now enter Izek Ryder. A teen rebel, an extremely sexy one. Sweet, protective, sarcastic and hilarious.

But, there always seems to be a catch, doesn't it?

He has a secret, a huge one to be exact. He's secretly a person whom no one at school knows about. Let's just say, Izek might be a pretty boy but he's not as innocent as his face seems.

And Scarlett's more than determined to find out what her crush is hiding. It will either crush her feelings or make them bloom everlastingly.

And what happens when a rebel falls for a rebel?
Trouble. More and more trouble.

In shorter words, Scarlett's in trouble. Literally.

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[disclaimer: contains censored cuss words.]

[slowly editing, but you can read it nevertheless.]

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GleekerZ GleekerZ May 13
Is it ok if I change the main character in my head to phoebe tokin from the originals XD
ishwarya31 ishwarya31 Jun 15
Okay this has never NEVER happened to me.. but what kind of coincidence is it😰 I was just listening to these lines.. like I started this book and the lyrics exactly matches what I'm listening.. I'm very much spooked out right now.
Believer510 Believer510 May 04, 2016
No offense, but the guy looked like he was trying to swallow her face in the cover picture
bae_back20 bae_back20 May 21, 2016
Who read the first line,and already knowing who sang that song?!?
                              WHO ELSE IS A SWIFTIE HERE?!?😂😂
Cheese_Sticks_ Cheese_Sticks_ Jan 06, 2016
She has the size of an ego bigger than mine and that says A LOT 😂😁;)
Cheese_Sticks_ Cheese_Sticks_ Jan 06, 2016
A Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese topping and a cherry on top?? ❤️🍰🍒