Skylox smut

Skylox smut

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PopTartCatz By Enderdragon40 Updated May 08, 2015

This goes to all the innocents out there: RUN RUN FAR FAR AWAY!
As for those who like smut: read on you little pervs, and enjoy.

Person A likes person B, person B likes person A, they find out via Mitch and Jerome, person A confronts person B. And you can guess the rest...

BTW very slow updates but they'll be here! Slowly but surly guys, and like I have no inspiration at the moment and I know the plot line is crap but it's what I can do right now. Uh I thinks that's it! PEACE OUT PANDA PEEPS

For the time skip that said Sarcasm I found a shirt that I really wanted and it said "Sarcasm if one of the many things I offer to the world" Im going to go back and get it soon
I laughed when Ty said, "what's so damn important you needed to come to my room to tell me?" That'd be my reaction if that same thing happened to me.
I have a voice... in.. my head.. 
                              They are all wanting to kill everyone..
                              I dont know why...
Ok so I was dared to read this because I'm stupid because I didn't know wtf Smut was so I was dared to read this...
jjhomes043 jjhomes043 Apr 18
Me and Adam have a lot in common, like hearing voices in our head.
video_creat video_creat Jul 14
Heh! It's oblivious that I didn't doubt Ty 😅 *Slowly lowers death message to Mitch*