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The Act |Jelsa|

The Act |Jelsa|

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Maria Kayla By SnowQxeen Completed

Elsa Summers wasn't your average girl. Her parents owned one of the biggest movie companies, Frostbitten Companies to be exact. She was one of the most popular actresses as well. She was obviously rich, but she was a down to earth person. 

Now meet Jack Roberts. He's just your average guy, except for the fact that he was an actor too. He's kept an eye out on Elsa, since they've known each other since high school. 

When one day Elsa's parents decide to make yet another movie, Jack Roberts happened to be starring in it. Including Elsa. Now they both have to be lovers in this film. 

But the thing that they have to remember the most, is that it's just a part of the act. 


"Let's play a little game, Jack Roberts. Let's pretend that we love each other. We'll kiss each other. We'll act like a couple. And whoever falls in love first, loses."

"May the best actor or actress win."


Most characters belong to either DreamWorks or Disney.

Cold_Hearted12q Cold_Hearted12q Apr 04, 2016
Hehehe.." Roberts" its kinda....something i can't explain hehehe
moonrust moonrust Apr 04, 2016
You're getting dressed to get the mail? I do that in my pjs. I'll also take the trash out in my pjs (and I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, so people definitely see it)
EmilyBird2556 EmilyBird2556 Jun 13, 2016
How about your secret crush on jack whom you've loved from the beginning of time?
moonrust moonrust Apr 04, 2016
It's ok Anna, I woke up once and my sister said my hair looked like Ursula.
Fandoms_Unite_xxx Fandoms_Unite_xxx Aug 16, 2016
But jemma ? :( 
                              Lesbian incest ? :D
                              Nah I'm just kidding that's kinda weird
- - Nov 11, 2016
                              DRIVING NEXT TO ME REAL SLOWWWW