Adopted by Phan (a Phanfic)

Adopted by Phan (a Phanfic)

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Pickles By zaphireflames Updated Sep 03, 2017

When Pj's parents die in a fire when she's only 2, she's taken to an orphanage seeing as the rest of her family was at the party where her parents were when the fire happened. Pj learned to grow up alone, no friends, no one to talk to, just Youtube videos to watch. When Dan and Phil walk in looking for a teenager, they spot her. Pj has to learn to live with a totally different life than her old one. She deals with hate, bullying, cheating, and back stabbing. Will she make it through? Or will she grow her wings at an age too young? Lets find out.

Although it's not fully written out yet, there will most likely be mentions of depression and self harm/old scars. Any section that has a possible trigger I will have marked, and if a section isn't marked and you feel like it should be, please make me aware of it in the comments.

(Currently under a little bit of re-writing.)

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TheOtherOtakuGirl TheOtherOtakuGirl Dec 15, 2017
rYAN wAs KnEeLiNg In ThE bAtHtUb A tOwEl UnDer HiS kNeEs AnD aNoThEr UnDeR HiS hAnDs..
Phandom7777 Phandom7777 Nov 19, 2016
I love Luke and Patty I'm so jelly that they used to be roomates
inspires_infires inspires_infires Dec 14, 2016
One of the best ones PHIL IS NOT ON FIRE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmazingJenIsOnFire AmazingJenIsOnFire Feb 20, 2017
I thought her and the guy would like each other when I first read that line, but boy was I wrong.😂
__UnknownRika __UnknownRika Nov 24, 2016
"THE FREEDOM! I CANT ESCAPE THE FREEDOM *rubs flag on his back*
                              "Dan you're ruining freedom for everyone"
__UnknownRika __UnknownRika Nov 24, 2016