365 days ~ Levi X Reader fanfic [ Heavy editing]

365 days ~ Levi X Reader fanfic [ Heavy editing]

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He loved you,proposed to you and did whatever a loving husband could do for the past four years of your marriage. His name is Levi Ackerman and you loved him with all of your heart.

But when fate decided to be cruel,Levi had an affair and wanted a divorce.Even when you were melancholic and rejected,you still obliged with his wishes  to make him happy.

As you slowly progressed on changing your life for the better,what would happen if he came waltzing back into your life,oblivious of seeing you suffer again?

Would you still be able to fight back your past emotions and the imminent outcomes?

All in the sequence of 365 days, a year of hell.


Description written by @EternalFreedom
Editor~ -Crystalline-Tears- 
Copyright 2014 @Hugs_for_hippies

All characters except OC are owned by Isayama Hajime.

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Teardrop_Girlz Teardrop_Girlz Dec 28, 2017
Listening to wine by suran doesn't make it any better.. I was reading this when suddenly the lyric goes ' baby please don't go.' T-T wwwhhyyy?!??!!
_Error56_ _Error56_ 2 days ago
I  want da house, u want the hoe 
                              Bïtch let me have the house!!!
Damn and I'm listening to look at what you made me do by Taylor Swift...
_Error56_ _Error56_ 2 days ago
You know what makes me laugh? He had the balls to say it in our anniversary!
_Error56_ _Error56_ 2 days ago
Bish u  want me to karate chop yo ass???? No? Then back off my personal bubble
_Error56_ _Error56_ 2 days ago
Bish I knew I should’ve put a tracker on you!!!