Taming the Bad Boy

Taming the Bad Boy

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My best friend Sidney was an idiot. By idiot I mean plain out stupid. She got her self into trouble every where she went. She couldn't find something even if it was in front of her. But she had her moments. Today was one of those moments. We were sitting at our usual table when I found her looking at some other table by the window. I just figured it was snowing and she was watching it like she usually does. Until I realized who's table she was looking at.

Quinn Rodgers. AKA Mr. Bad Boy at South Franklin High School. By bad boy I mean fighting, getting into trouble, and most of all making ever girl here want him. He never goes for them unless they are the sluts of the school. 

"Why are you looking at him?" I asked her 

"I don't. Just curious if anyone can ever tame him." She shrugged going back to eating her salad

I looked up at her smiling. 

"No don't you dare even try." She warned me 

"I'm going to tame the bad boy." I said with a smirk.

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bxtchxplease01 bxtchxplease01 Sep 21, 2016
From all thr stories that i have read. This sentance will always be there