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Brother!1pAmerica and 2p America x Reader x 1p Russia and 2p Russia

Brother!1pAmerica and 2p America x Reader x 1p Russia and 2p Russia

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PastryCup By PastryCup Updated Oct 13, 2016

You're just an ordinary girl with an obnoxious, non related, brother. For sure most people would know that person, Alfred F. Jones. You then met another man who was new to the school named Ivan Braginski. He was a really nice guy who was a bit overly protective. 

Later someone similar to Ivan and Alfred came to the school. It was more of their darker side coming after you.

x_heart_thief_o x_heart_thief_o May 19, 2016
Okay so if Alfred my brother? Is he my husband? Or we just happened to have the same last name?
-Wales- -Wales- Mar 26, 2016
Wait, Alfred is her brother? Or they just happen to have the same last name?
GrlGone_AWOL GrlGone_AWOL Jan 28, 2016
Alfred, Ivan, stop this very instant or I will bEAT THE LIVING MERDE OUT OF YOU BOTH.
KingSnek KingSnek Mar 23, 2016
I'd be the person to give out anime trivia for homework
                              Me:which one is better Claude or Sebastian
                              Me:grell your correct everyone else's INCORRECT!
Welcome2MyEmoLife Welcome2MyEmoLife Jan 11, 2016
I'd be that one person making sure the teaches sent home anime trivia for homework 
                              Me: What do they call reapers in death note?!
                              Child: REAPERS BAKA!
                              Me: NOOOO!!! INCORRECT!!!
Sorry_01 Sorry_01 Mar 30, 2015
Who else wears sweatpants or a T-shirt for a lazy day and watching anime?