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forever тhe υnknown [Love Lost]

forever тhe υnknown [Love Lost]

8.4K Reads 170 Votes 8 Part Story
Ella By prettyreckless Updated Sep 03, 2010

Alyssa, a typical 'Bad ass' student at the depressingly boring Spring-hall high. But could her troublesome antics be leading her to a game out of even, the 'almighty' Alyssa's league?
She soon is kidnapped to a world which is alien to her, and were she is treated as though she is an alien... But though the prestigious prince is nothing but horrible to her, she has a lot of love to give... to him.
Rejection, anxiety, helplessness and some bitchiness are experienced in this world that Alyssa now has to call home. Why does she have to fight for her loves affection, and is he worth fighting for? 

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