The Alphas Beta

The Alphas Beta

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nadine. By LaWonderland Updated Jul 26, 2016


"I can't think of you like that."
"And why is that?"
"Because, you're Oliver."

Damien Lancer is the Alpha to one of the biggest packs in the world. Along side him through everything is Oliver Hansen, his Beta. What do you do when not only your best friend is your mate, but the both of you swore you were straight!

Damien cant get over the fact that Oliver is his mate considering the fact he has a girlfriend and he can't love him. Oliver is having trouble coming to realize that not only does Damien not want to be with him for the fact that he's straight but that he is slowly starting to see Damien differently.

Both Alpha and Beta have to come to terms with this new found situation or one will truly be gone for good.

[Warning] This book is a BoyxBoy.

Written by: @LaWonderland

poopinatree poopinatree Apr 26
I bet money they both our families know the two boys are mates but enough neither of them dared tell them because they kind of just want to watch then flip out when they find out
Same, I sounded like a rat crying for help..
                              Wait I still do....
Yo i cant get this outta ma head so yeh oliver twist any1 but awwww possessive b***erd
Whispering in my ear is such a turn on. Like I hardly know what the person is saying half the time 🙈
...ok so sleeping in the bed isnt werid to me since i do that with my (male) bestfriend. But to kiss his forehead was a bit werid lol cuz if my bestfriend did that i would have been like "WHOA down boy!!"
Leilazuberi Leilazuberi Jun 19
I sounded like a hypervantilaing 🐈 in the rain.... Who was so funny and still is