The Unknown Mate (completed)

The Unknown Mate (completed)

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Hollister By Hollysmallwood Completed

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Werewolf's are half wolf, half human creatures. Werewolf's in a pack can shift on command whenever they wish. Packs are large groups of wolfs living together and Rogues are wolfs either banished or left their packs and have no control over their animal side. 

Every living being in the world has a soul mate, but werewolf's can find them 1000 times easier than humans can. All it takes is a simple look in their eyes, to smell their scent or to touch their skin and feels tingles all over your body. A soul mate is the person the other half of your soul belongs to, the person you will love unconditionally and is the most precious thing to own. Male wolfs can only detect their mate at the age of 19 but females can sense them at age 18, so usually the female finds their mate before he finds her. 

Bryn  Lockwood moved out of her fathers house when she is 15, claiming she wanted to live as a human for a while and attend high school. She moved to Alaska and went to West Alaska College. 4 years later something horrible happened causing her to instantly move back to her old pack with her father.

Read this book to discover what the horrible thing was and how she can over come it...

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shyanne899 shyanne899 Jul 15, 2017
I don't know what a million bees stinging me at once feels like so just say your period on it's first day multiplied by 10 😰 I think i would die just by the thought
white_wolf822 white_wolf822 Aug 11, 2017
Just one question why is Chase from lab rats here... Not to be rude or anything I just find it funny
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 16, 2016
This age thing shouldn't be an issue with werewolves. They're supposed to know instantly.
chector53 chector53 Sep 30, 2016
after he had claimed and mated with lying best friend Jennifer. you woukd take him back. disgusting.
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 16, 2016
And you females are supposed to fight for what is yours. Rightfully yours. Not run away like this! Wtaf?