Street cat (boyxboy)

Street cat (boyxboy)

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Shaken not stirred By lanasmymom Completed

Danny is a 20 year old college boy that works part time in a resturant, guess what happens when he meets a little mop of ginger fur on his way home, he was instantly bewitched by the big green eyes, he took the little ginger cat home until the next morning when it was no longer the cute ginger ball of fur.

(Warning boyxboy)

Next book in the series is street dog

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Nice leaving right when Danny brings a cat *cough cough* young man home
Doomsy Doomsy Nov 23, 2017
If it's the cat from the cover it's one of the cutest beings I've ever seen
WrenGrey1725 WrenGrey1725 Oct 28, 2017
My boyfriend use to call 'alley cat'
                              He said I was a huge flirt
ReferencingMyOCs ReferencingMyOCs Oct 08, 2017
Your only friend is a cat you just met... boi get your life together
ReferencingMyOCs ReferencingMyOCs Oct 08, 2017
If you're twenty then you shouldn't even be living with your parents
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Sep 19, 2016
That's so mean. What did the little street cat ever do to you?