The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFic

The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFic

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"Well, my family have a lot of great benders. Aang, Tenzin, Katara, Kya even my dad was a great firebender with an earthbender mom... I can't understand why I'm not destined to bend. If I have to be honest, it's all I've ever wanted to do. I too wanna make my family proud." I said letting all of that go, and I felt relief in my body. I've never opened up like that, especially not with people my age.

"Wow, you're actually capable of saying more than four words." He said and we both laughed. I could see where he was coming from. I was never the one to be good with words. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bore you with the story of my life." I said already regretting how I had rambled just a few moments ago. 

"No, I'm glad you're finally opening up. It's nice to know the real you." He said and stopped up. I automatically stopped up myself and looked up at him. Into his mysterious eyes, holding more than I could ever be able to explain


In this story we follow Kya's daughter, Naomi the nonbender. 
After Naomi's dad past away, everything has been difficult for her. 
Kya can't watch her own daughter feel this kind of hurt anymore, so she gets the idea of sending Naomi to Republic City.

Where she can get away from all the hurtful memories, and live there with her uncle, his family and Naomi's childhood friend the amazing Avatar Korra. 
In Republic City, Naomi meets Korra's new friends, and she help Korra with her fight against Amon.