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Fairy Tail One-Shots (Various x Reader)

Fairy Tail One-Shots (Various x Reader)

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EmiEmolga By EmiEmolga Updated Feb 14, 2015

Various Fairy Tail Characters x Reader. Please request on the First Chapter. :) *Requests are open*

evelyntearm evelyntearm May 18, 2016
Can u do a Sting x Reader? ((if u already have u can ignore this))
phanismyloife phanismyloife Jul 02, 2016
Natsu x Reader.. Gray tries to make a move but then Natsu goes all crazy and is all like Y/N IS MINE
- - May 08, 2016
Can you please do a Pirate Natsu one and the reader is a princess/ wizard princess? If you do, Thanks!
anime4life15 anime4life15 Mar 08, 2016
Rogue X reader
                              Zeref X reader
                              Sting X reader
                              Cobra X reader
                              Midnight X reader
animecrazygirls animecrazygirls May 20, 2016
Pls will u do a modern zeref x marriage etc..
- - Jun 26, 2016
Could you do a Sting X Reader X Natsu (Modern AU)? Like where Sting is in love with you but you like Natsu but he get's with Lucy then you realise you like Sting and you two get together. But then, Natsu breaks up with Lucy for you but you stay with Sting. If it isn't too much trouble! :)