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Possibly Crazy

Possibly Crazy

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Oranda Slivinski By IllBeYourSavior Updated 6 days ago

Harleen Quinzel was nothing more then a regular girl, she lived with her mother and abusive father, but all Harley wanted was to get away and when a drastic decision is made she finds herself in a new school, away from Metropolis and into Gotham for an adventure she finds too much to handle, although she meets a new class criminal clown she can't help but notice the slight spark between them, regardless of his charm she heeds her friends words and stays away as much as she can 

Jack Napier, a young delinquent with a higher criminal record than any villain in Gotham, despite being 18 and the youngest criminal in Gotham he finds a new person in his school, a young blonde with a snippy attitude he found to  adore, Jack finds himself falling for the girl within a few days of meeting her but all she does is play hard to get, which doesn't stop Jack of course he had to get Harley to fall for him, and come on not even Houdini gave up in the end

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