Sebastian's Younger Brother (black butler vampire knight x reader)

Sebastian's Younger Brother (black butler vampire knight x reader)

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theycallmeair By theycallmeair Updated Mar 16

(Crossover with Vampire Knight also)

You know Sebastian Michaelis? 
Demon butler red eyes? 
Oh yeah him.
Well he's my older brother
Why not pay him a visit?

But what happens when the boys of black butler and possibly the boys of Vampire Knight fall for Elizabeth's new maid(yn)

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Rose-kiryu Rose-kiryu Mar 20
Black with blood stain design with a night sky on the ceiling
Frxncis_Boonefxy Frxncis_Boonefxy Sep 08, 2016
                              I only like red because it's the color of blood :3
Blue with white snow falling and on the bottom it is white so it looks like the snow is piled up.
Otaku_San_ Otaku_San_ Oct 11, 2016
5'5 is the last time I check but that was a long while ago so I might be taller
Spotifyxxreader Spotifyxxreader Sep 21, 2016
Historically speaking, Paula and I would not be considered ladies, we would be considered the same social status, if not, lower than/as Sebastian. Ciel would also call us by our last name.
Sinful-stories Sinful-stories Nov 10, 2016
*When you're in History and you have to hold in your laughter*