wow is that really bella

wow is that really bella

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macayla grey By taylorlautnerisfit Updated Jul 08, 2010

Edward's POV

It's been 70 years since I left Bella in Forks. I was to afraid to go back. I hid the CD I made her, all the pictures of me, and everything else that would remind her of me under a floorboard in her room and left. Never to return. I forbid my family from going back as well. For a while it was hard, it still is, but everyone is back to normal now. We talk about her a lot, which confuses Catalina or Kat as everyone calls her. She's my fiancée. I asked her to marry me about a year ago. I love her but I don't 'love her' as much as I loved Bella.

Bella. The girl that showed me what real love feels like. Nobody knows what happened to her. She may still be alive. Over these last 70 years she could have gotten married, and had kids. That thought made me smile, though I hoped it wasn't to that dog. But hey, if she is/was happy who am I to say anything.

Kat looks like her a little. She has brown hair, she's my height, she's more 'filled out' than Bella was, and she was just fun t...