Dragon Riders of Gretum

Dragon Riders of Gretum

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"Dragons don't exist!" How many times have you heard that?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~                                                                                    In Midevil times, dragons were considered fearsome creatures. Knights set out to slay them to impress others. Are all dragons bad? People always thought so. Now in modern times, dragons live in one place, Gretum.

The dragons there have lived with few people for thousands of years. There are lots of dragon types, mostly good and one bad.Only worthy people can tame and ride these dragons. Every year, one person is selected and tested to see if they are worthy of being a dragon rider. This year, Gretum is in danger.

Meet Lilly. Little does she know the crazy things that will happen to her. In Gretum, magic, of course, and dragons? Every day.

-=This is not a fanfiction=-

-=If you can't handle awesomeness do not read=-

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