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Perseus Jackson: howl at the new moon

Perseus Jackson: howl at the new moon

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millie By millie345 Updated Apr 02, 2015

Perseus Jackson was betrayed by people he called his family, cheated on by his girlfriend Annabeth Chase, forgotten and hated by his friends and family and replaced by his half brother Austin Reed, he left the place he called home, his mother gets killed out of revenge, he has no one. Until a person more powerful and older than the Olympians combined, helps Percy get back on his feet, a new fresh start and hope, he left New York and went to life with his aunt Melissa, Scott and Stiles (related by Sally) who he hasn't seen since he went to camp, to Beacon hills California living like a normal teen, life couldn't get any better. But the fates have other plans for him, Percy will soon figure out the secret of Beacon hills, and will be back to his old life sooner than he thought, and all the problems seem to be at the centre of his cousin Scott, Stiles and him.

SilverW0lf22 SilverW0lf22 Mar 03, 2016
Sorry, I just have to say this. 
                              In this series, having a "godlike" face isn't exactly a good thing. 
                              I.e.: Dionysus, Hephaestus and to a stretch, as a Titan, Prometheus.
angieA_0805 angieA_0805 Mar 25, 2016
So umm what about Sally's and Pauls body like is there a furneral or what?
Comicnerdzrule Comicnerdzrule Jul 28, 2016
I was kinda just skimming this paragraph so I read poodle and I thought they had gotten a dog and someone killed it along with his parents...😂 lol
Solid-wisp Solid-wisp Nov 27, 2015
This book has a similar name to a book about the exact same thing... Howl At The Moon by LuxSummer... I think that's her name. ;:|
athenasdaughter1805 athenasdaughter1805 Jul 07, 2015
Poodle? I'm sorry I know this is a sad and serious moment but that just made me laugh so much
ImperialGod ImperialGod Jun 29, 2015
um..just a thought but Percy's parents were dead right beside him and he cheerfully left to pack.
                              now that's kinda, what should I say, strange