One-hundred Sleepless Nights (Vic Fuentes is my dad)

One-hundred Sleepless Nights (Vic Fuentes is my dad)

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hey, my names Alli Marie Fuentes. yes Fuentes, the great Vic Fuentes' daughter, but their's a twist. He doesn't know I exist. My mom left him when she found out she was pregnant with me. The day she found out I listened to Pierce the Veil was the day I found out who my dad was, but she asked me not to try and contact him.

I haven't but its getting harder for me to keep that promise. My mom was put in the hospital a few weeks ago with stage four cancer. She is going to die and if I don't contact Vic I will be put in foster care which is something I don't want to go through.  i don't know what to do...


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sammyslostshoe sammyslostshoe Nov 03, 2017
dammit now i want to get some water but it's 3 am and i don't want to be getting water at devil's hour
randomassemogirl randomassemogirl Aug 19, 2016
Not to be rude but if I found out my dad was Vic I wouldn't be mad just saying love the book!!
trickywentz trickywentz Jan 16, 2016
"Shut up dickhead" the most offensive little Victor will get XD