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Kinky_mastermind By Kinky_mastermind Completed

I'm behind you,
Wherever you go,
You can't enter it,
It's a dark lock,
You Can't see it,
Its dangerous and cold,
It's a forbidden drug,
That hols secrets to an evil source,
It's The Devils heart,
That's coming to get your soul


"You thought that I'd come here without protection didn't you? Haha you thought that you would make me heat up, whisper a few dirty words and I'd let you f*ck me right?" 

She straightened up as her demeanor changed from that of wonder and amusement to a serious and in a matter-of-fact kind of demeanor.

"I know that right now in your eyes I'm being a b!tch but before you say that out loud answer these: " Who turned my innocence into evilness? Who hid things from me? And who the f*ck killed people in front of my eyes even when I begged you not to do it?" 

She closed her eyes as she took a deep breath and then continued:

" You should find the guts to say "I" after that you can add the b!tch part if you want."

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greenwolfalways greenwolfalways Sep 10, 2017
What do you mean “Hope you like it ” . I fell in love with it when I read the summary so yeah you must be a good writer because my sister says I'm picky about my books
HiraMuhammad HiraMuhammad Feb 08, 2016
Chik chik boom ....... Fireworks 😁😁
                              It was a really nice and loving beginning ❤❤
Zendaya92 Zendaya92 Feb 20, 2016
Very interesting beginning. Red eyes? Please tell me those are contacts. If not ........ I'm just gonna keep reading.
andrea19kala andrea19kala Mar 01, 2016
Don't fall for the eyes.... Don't do it
                              Ok!!!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you
igotabigcock igotabigcock Dec 30, 2015
Why do chicks always use these excuses to run away when things start to heat up... Damn
isthis_real isthis_real Dec 23, 2015
I'm sorry... It's a completely made up story that's non-fiction??? Wtf hahaha