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Accidentally Loving Mr. Step-Father [BoyXBoy]

Accidentally Loving Mr. Step-Father [BoyXBoy]

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Just Michael By OralKel Completed


          Mickey 'Mike' Hollister has been finding his The One by dating lots of girls. He even dated his best friend's girlfriend. Been there, done that, everything, in order to find his love life. After Christmas, he has decided that he'd write romantic letters, put it in a bottle, keep it, then open it 'til Cupid decides to introduce his love life. Mike is known for his English accent, cocky attitude, angel-like face, and strong built, but on the inside, he's really a mushy teenager who wants to find his love. His mother has decided to marry again, and that's when Cupid strikes.

          Besides taking care of his four-year old son, Eros Dylan Donovan has decided to marry her new found love, or so he thinks. Being a cop isn't that good. It doesn't make a huge money, but it helps them to keep them alive and sheltered. For the past years, Eros has been alone, living with his son, trying to raise him with the best he can, but it's different when you have a lover by your side. When the new family has moved into their house, he never expected one thing:

          Even Cupid is being played by love.

Landon369 Landon369 Oct 18, 2016
I like the book and all, but it's very difficult to read when just about every sentence has a spelling or grammar issue. Someone really needs to Spell check before publishing.
When I saw this I was like "JESUS" I legit fainted .Dang that man makes me look like Jerry the mouse😖😔😭😭😭
loadingslow loadingslow Feb 07
Psh someone give her a prize for realizing he is gonna act like his father
Leylayah Leylayah Sep 22, 2016
I hope mike's mother is not a nice person or I'll feel guilty lmao
Landon369 Landon369 Oct 18, 2016
"I tell him that it's okay and that we have loads of time to cope up with..." That sentence doesn't make any sense. You don't "cope up" with something. I don't understand what is trying to be said.
Soulxation Soulxation Jan 19
It's hard to imagine the picture at the top is the guy writing this 😄