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kimberlieh By kimberlieh Updated Jan 31

" Look, I'm sorry for slapping you "I said as he stalked towards me angrily. " I just want to go home. I won't tell anyone you kidnapped me. Please, just let me go," I said with my best look of sorrow plastered on my face; I even dropped a few tears. He stopped walking when he saw my false tears. His beautiful face looked pained but he quickly snapped out of it.

" Nice try, but no. You see my beautiful Emma, I can't let you leave. I need you. You are mine," He says as his eyes begin to darken, slowly moving towards me again.

Garrett Alexander Thompson is handsome, mean, possessive, and wealthy. He is also a vampire. Garret doesn't care for the humans and finds them quite pathetic; that is until he finds Emma, his beloved.

Emma Taylor Smith is beautiful, nice, blunt , and outspoken. She is just a regular high school student with great friends and wonderful parents. She thought she had a pretty normal life; that is until she meets Garrett.

Story is better than the description :)

adonaidej adonaidej Apr 23, 2016
I thought it said taylor swift and I had to re read that line again
-KennyWest -KennyWest Jun 24, 2016
Oh lawdy *grabs my bible* what beautiful creature have you brought me today?
-KennyWest -KennyWest Jun 24, 2016
                              Let me re-think that beautiful creature he acts like Edward Cullen
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 May 25, 2016
Oww chihuahua he fine. (Ok that was over the top but he's cute )
flourel flourel Feb 11
Ew why tf you smelling like chocolate mint and wood like how do those even combine