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The Bad Boy Is My Bestie (On Hold For Right Now)

The Bad Boy Is My Bestie (On Hold For Right Now)

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1DMuffinRanger_F.A.N. By 1DMuffinRanger_FAN Updated May 27, 2016

"Usually this is when the girl in the movies and books calls the guy her hero and kisses him for saving her from falling on her ass,"he smirks leaning over me and holding me by the waist.
  "Yeah well, this ain't any movie or book," I say pushing him away, "The only thing that you are gonna get is a 'thank you' and, if you want, then one more thing."
  "Let me guess? A kiss?" he asks with a cheeky smile.
  "Nope! This," I say with an innocent smile while smacking him with a cushion.
  Jade William Matthews. A funny, sarcastic, crazy, cool and cheeky girl with a kind heart. Enter Drew. A cocky, arrogant, hot, sexy, sarcastic, wild and adventurous bad boy with a sweet side that he hides from everyone but Jade. What happens when these two worlds collide? Jade has a past that she's been desperately trying to forget. Shocking discoveries and and new secrets are revealed. Jade and Drew have sort of forgotten about an important part of their lives. But, when they finally remember, this revelation leads them down a path of heartbreaks and lies. But, somewhere along the way, they ended up falling for each other. Will their love be enough to get them through all the drama or will it destroy them, hearts shattered forever?
  P.S.- Read at your own risk! Don't blame me if you don't like it.

animegamer1 animegamer1 Mar 25, 2016
I was book suffering and came upon this And it's amazing  ♡♡♡♡
dylansparadox dylansparadox Feb 21, 2016
She has some real lunatics living under her roof, thats for sure -__________-
emmalove214 emmalove214 Apr 05, 2016
Ah I do it and o sounds horrible but when I sing in front of people they say its good and I can't tell if they're lying
ilostmycreativity ilostmycreativity Mar 01, 2016
Is it me being jelly or does their family sound a little too perfect and I feel like some Very Bad Shiz is about to go down sooner or later.
dandie24 dandie24 Mar 26, 2016
If i cursed in front of my mom. ...  I wouldn't be writing this today. I'd be dead.
taytaysmile10 taytaysmile10 Mar 29, 2016
Are they British? They said they came from England but were from NY to. I'm a little confused