Into the Darkness (Prequel to The Hunters Saga) ✅

Into the Darkness (Prequel to The Hunters Saga) ✅

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The attack changed her life. 
It came sudden, took her mother and father, and then left with only blood, scars and broken memories. 
Antoinette Drake had only a few options. She could live in blissful ignorance, or she could face the bloodsuckers that took her loved ones. 
It was a no-brainer. 
Now barely a teenager, Toni struggles to survive her occupation as a vampire hunter in training alongside her childhood friend, Ethan. A club shrouded in darkness catches the Agency's attention, and it's up to Toni to discover its secrets. 
What is Eternal?
Who is Oliver Blackwell?
Will Toni gain the status of a true hunter, or will her life and sanity be snuffed out by the oldest monster still walking the earth?
One thing's for sure... it won't be easy.
It never is.

This is the Prequel of The Hunters Saga!
1st draft, so there WILL be mistakes! 
Cover thanks to @AlexandraSinclair1! 

*Rated PG-13 for thematic peril and angst, rude humor, mild language, occasional innuendo and sensuality, and graphic imagery in some places. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*

Into the Darkness
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All Rights Reserved.

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BarrierBabe BarrierBabe Jan 29, 2016
Hahaha I read this as 'the scent of incest was intoxicating' I was very confused until I re-read it
anon_girl316 anon_girl316 Mar 29, 2016
Great voice behind the writing. The imagery makes it come to life. I love it.
nahhhjatt nahhhjatt Aug 10, 2015
I can already tell that this is gonna be interesting and am excited for more! I've missed your updates :')
LissyPop LissyPop Aug 10, 2015
Amazing beginning! I was captivated from the very start to finish and am now thirsty for more!