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Hand cuffs. Used for many different purposes. 

But sadly, I have to be hand cuffed to the biggest jerk in the whole school. 

And not in a fun way.

i HATE maths I'm so bad at it and I almost cry every time I walk to it
I would like to cuss him out for calling me that but his jawline would probably distract me😂
Bxtch , Gray and E-tee-wee-tees could cut cams jawline in half
I know they're talking about the bike, Harley Davidson. But my brothers name is Harley
I've slowly come to despise the Gold Coast, it's fine except I live in brisbane and every single Christmas holidays we go there, and so does everyone else. The traffic is horrendous.
rikvannah rikvannah Jun 20
^^ps everyone you can be 16 and going into senior year. one of my friends birthdays is usually 4 ish days after school starts and she will be 16 when the senior school year starts. so yes it is possible