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Hand cuffs. Used for many different purposes. 

But sadly, I have to be hand cuffed to the biggest jerk in the whole school. 

And not in a fun way.

book__obsession book__obsession Jun 27, 2016
OMGGGG. I LIVE IN LINCOLN , NEBRASKA 😦. Btw you would be a junior not a senior lol 😂
iyahna0613 iyahna0613 Oct 18, 2016
Do jawlines remind me of handsome squidward or is it just me❓😭
shookbythedolans shookbythedolans Jun 23, 2016
I've never been there unless u mean California bc I'm dumb idk what this is
Britneyswift12 Britneyswift12 Nov 09, 2016
Y'all talking bout jawlines and jack and Cameron I'm here like WHERE DID HE GET THAT TAYLOR CANIFF SHIRT
dolannn123 dolannn123 Jul 03, 2016
you can't say this after all those pictures of you and another girl in Hawaii
emotionless8 emotionless8 Aug 29, 2016
But nothing comes close to the Golden coast, won't u party with us, you'll be falling in love Oh whoa whoa whoa California girls🎶🎤