soul x maka (lemon)

soul x maka (lemon)

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Gummybear147 By Gummybear147 Updated Jun 29, 2015

(Maka's POV)

My alarm clock went off at 6:30 as it did every other school morning. But this morning was different.. 

I woke up and turned off my annoying alarm. I got out of bed. Got dressed and did my hair like every morning. Once I was done I went to the kitchen to make me and Soul breakfast before I wake him up like I always do, but as I got closer to the kitchen it started to smell like waffles and eggs. I walk into the kitchen.

I stop right in my tracks as I see Soul making breakfast. I didn't know what to think my mind went blank.

"What?" Soul asked me snapping me out of it.

I looked up at him in shock.

"Uh.. Nothing." I said stuttering.

I started to blush. He finished cooking. We sat down at the table and started to eat. We finished soon. Grabbed our stuff for school and headed to the DWMA. Soul was acting a bit strange. He was a lot more nicer. He has been acting weird for a little bit now. I kinda like it though.

"You coming Maka?" Soul asked me.

I looked up. I looked...

KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 May 30
Now I wish I don't play spin the bottle unless my best friend is there... but it's probably gonna happen
Our lips skimmed each other since no boy actually would do that to me she does not deserve it like she is in 3D
sea112003 sea112003 Jun 19
Ya okay because u totally werent praying for that to happen or anything
That would be so awkward. I am never playing spin the bottle.
Omg they are perfect 😍😍😍😭💕💕💕😩😩😩😩
                              By playing spin the bottle