Split Seconds ≫ Barry Allen ≪

Split Seconds ≫ Barry Allen ≪

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Stydia af By Abb3ym Updated May 12, 2015

Drew Mitchell is Best Friends with Iris West and Barry Allen. Barry and Drew were both the smart ones, and they bonded over that, for a while Drew had a small crush on Barry, but then she realized that he was madly in love with Iris and she quickly pushed the idea away.

But the night of the particle accelerator accident, Drew was there.  She saw everything happen, They were watching the particle accelerator turn on them all of a sudden there was a large crash of thunder and a streak of light, and The next thing Drew knew, Barry was lying on the floor, unconscious. 

Little did she know that night would change both hers and Barry's lives forever

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The song crush by David Archuleta goes perfectly with this chapter 
ringolennons ringolennons Aug 09, 2016
I feel like Tracy is a key part in all the Flash fanfictions or is it just me
itszzahra itszzahra Feb 13, 2017
not to be rude but this is a carbon copy of 'The Flash" 's pilot episode
superflash31 superflash31 Jun 24, 2016
I'm soooo glad I found this story because I had a similar idea and now i won't be copying you. And this story is really good so far 👍🏼👌🏻
Cantblahthinkblah Cantblahthinkblah Sep 25, 2016
Oh shizznet. Only the first chapter and I'm already entranced.
i_love_a_lot i_love_a_lot Sep 27, 2015
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of beca from pitch perfect. If you're confused, beca's last name is mitchell. Just a thought