The 11 Years Promise

The 11 Years Promise

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True Love's Rose By TrueLovesRose2000 Updated Jul 30, 2017

"Why are you doing this?" Raeanne glared at him, dry tears of frustration marked her face.

He only smirked, "Raeanne, do you recognize me?"

Clenching her jaw, she shook her head, "Obviously not."

"My name is Xavier. Does that ring a bell?" he asked, titling his head to the side.

She furrowed her brow, "No?"

"It will,"

  Raeanne Lennox finally became a best-selling author. But on the eve of her book-signing she is abducted by her middle school admirer. It seems jealousy and impatience are his drives.

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SyomanzmE88 SyomanzmE88 Aug 05, 2016
Is there a chapter two? Or does it just go to chapter three?
Anjelic23 Anjelic23 Aug 04, 2016
I know a book on Wattpad called Dangerous Addiction I LOVE that book but I didn't like the endong
AmayaMoon7 AmayaMoon7 Apr 08, 2016
So let me get this straight...this guy and her used to be friends and then he moved and now he's back but instead of walking up to her and just idk saying Hi, remember me. he kidnaps her?..............
- - Jul 20, 2016
Creepy brah! If you wanted a book signed by her, maybe try asking her next time!!! Lol
Cyan_senator Cyan_senator Jan 08, 2015
The prologue is anticipating..! Its different nd your writing style is good.. Keep it up! Write more ! We will be there to shout out for you! (it sounds supernatural)