Emison: Look what you started

Emison: Look what you started

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demliars By demliars Updated Oct 25, 2015

Alison's POV


I'm awoken by the sound of my alarm clock.  Something feels different about today.

I get out of bed and find the outfit I was going to wear. I skim through my giant closet and decide on a black skater skirt with a turquoise blouse and my mint green converse. I perfect my make up and head outside.

Every morning I usually have my group waiting for me. 

I see the Matte Audi r8 pull up. "Wow someone's done early" perked cece.. Aka my best friend. "Mhmm whatever let's gooo" I say in a rushing tone.


We arrive at the school and I see my other friends waiting for me. Hanna, Spencer, and Aria. 

"Hey Ali! You look gorgeous today." Hanna said. 

"Um don't I always" 

"Cmon we better get going to class before were late" says a very classic Spencer. 

We were heading in when suddenly I hear a loud motorcycle sound. I turned my head around and I see a really pretty brunette. 

She had on tight skinny jeans that made her ass look great, she took her helmet off and her hai...

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demiisagoddess demiisagoddess Apr 14, 2015
Ugh, relationship goals. For real. They are too cute for words.
demliars demliars Apr 14, 2015
@demiisagoddess Yay cause I love them too they're goals af and not a lot of ppl know about them
demiisagoddess demiisagoddess Apr 14, 2015
I'm such a fan of shannon and cammie! And Emison. Soooo, lol, I loved this.
emison_obsessed emison_obsessed Dec 28, 2014
Can't wait for the next chapter and I'm loving badass Emily❤️