Not about angels

Not about angels

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"Everyone has a story they hide and try to escape. Everyone has a war they're trying to win. Only few of them can."

Ivan is anything but an angel. He's the school's bad boy. He's being to jail twice and suspended from school for stripping. He uses pick up lines to get girls,hooks up in bars,carries a cigarette where ever he goes and has multiple of tattoos.

Unique is a wallflower. She hides under a hoodie. She doesn't speak much and people terrify her. The only kind of people she likes are people in books. She loves reciting poetry and memorizing quotes.

But what if the bad boy is not so bad? What if behind that mask that he wears a smart sweet guy hides? What if behind that hoodie lays the most interesting girl ever? What if every word she says can make you think? What if the bad boy has reasons for the things he does and if those tattoos have a significant meaning?

 This book is not about angels it's about broken people who lost their wings.

I was already missing before the night I left, just me my shadow and all of my regret....who am I? Who am I?? INVISIBLE
AngelTeaJay AngelTeaJay Apr 12
I'm not sure I like her name "Unique" 😝 please! but I guess I like it so far, it's cute story😜👏🏻
I'm sorry but I love when it's the guys pov idk y but it's easier to understand guys when u can see what's in their head
I don't exactly stay away from people.
                              I do have friends but I don't like meeting new people.
izabellamay izabellamay Jul 10
It's actually her name I thought the teacher was just saying that is was a unique name
We learned that in 8th grade. The year im in now and i already forgot