Witchy Cooties! (; (Completed)

Witchy Cooties! (; (Completed)

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Nikki By galwithgall Completed

A witch seeking revenge is dangerous. A teenage witch seeking revenge is slightly less dangerous.

Roxy has been known to lose her temper. When Adrian Collahugh breaks up with her, she desires nothing more than for him to rue the day. Being a witch, she is willing to go to any lengths to hurt Adrian. Hurt his reputation, that is.

When Roxy comes up with the idea to turn Adrian into a girl, she and her best friend, Sasha, must teach Adrian the ways of being a female. At first, Adrian is aghast at the different lives of girls – he is confused by his newfound infatuation with chocolate, bras, and boys – but he soon overcomes his need to feel manly and later finds out that being a girl isn’t so bad. 

This novel attempts to break the stereotypes of gender roles in a humorous way, enjoyable for both girls and boys of all ages. The reviews have left readers laughing at Adrian, Sasha, and Roxy’s adventures for years to come.

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Fanfrick Fanfrick Apr 09, 2016
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhhehehe oh you mean me
Skydancer22 Skydancer22 Oct 17, 2012
Whoops never mind. My iPod was being an idiot but now I see all the other chapters. XD
99neznez 99neznez Nov 05, 2011
a good song for this chapter would be " so much for my happy ending " by avril lavigne
rawremoserena rawremoserena Feb 28, 2011
Loved this so much I read it 4 times and showed all my friends
lalaladybug lalaladybug Feb 27, 2011
haha before i even read this i have to say i love the opening line "so many men, so little aspirin" :P
ReinMesserli ReinMesserli Jan 28, 2011
I am a guy. I like all stories soo. Yeah. Lol. I don't follow rules!!!!!!! W00T!!!!!