My Mute and Abused Mate *DISCONTINUED*

My Mute and Abused Mate *DISCONTINUED*

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Vanessa By Les_be_friends Updated Jul 23, 2016

Crystal is a seventeen year old. She has been abused for eleven years. Her brother Austin is the next in line for Alpha of the blood moon pack, he is also abused by their father as well as his twin kat. The difference between their beating and Crystals is their father blames her for their mothers death. Austin and Kat are only a year older then Crystal. Crystal was five when she saw her mom die right in front of her eyes. In that same day she became mute. Crystal always pushes people away except her brother, sister, and best friend Carly.

Alex is a seventeen soon to be alpha who is still looking for his mate. When his parents died he went into depression for months. Luke, his brother, decided to move the pack and away from the awful memories of their parents death. 

What happens when he finds out his mate is mute and abused. Will Crystal just push him away like she does to everyone else? Or will she let him in so he can help?

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evifriendly evifriendly Nov 16, 2017
For some reason I thought her siblings were younger than her not older
CoryannWinokur CoryannWinokur Mar 08, 2016
Any time there are mean bully werewolves involved, they're always from Blood Moon. Why? Why can't you be from like.... Scar Face Pack? I dunno.
thepettiestofthemall thepettiestofthemall Mar 14, 2016
navygirl64 navygirl64 Feb 29, 2016
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Kilala14 Kilala14 Jan 31, 2016
I so agree with you, I'm not religious. In fact, I have friends of almost all religions! YAY!
Girlwholived__ Girlwholived__ Feb 14, 2017
HAHAAHAHAH bearded guy in the sky XD lol im the same though. Though i would like to believe, I just find too much evidence for it to be true