Harry Potter Imagines [Closed]

Harry Potter Imagines [Closed]

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Harry Potter imagines and preferences that include everybody and anybody. From professors to students. From the past to the future. From girl to boy. Doesn't matter who. Also doing the cast of Harry Potter.

Some have not been edited and the ones with the {} were edited when I was younger so I wouldn't recommend reading those. The ones with [] were edited recently so I would recommend that you read those.

Goddess2003 Goddess2003 Jan 26
Jenna is a professor at Hogwarts that helps Snape out in class I'm a ravenclaw. The golden trio dates her to kiss Snape's cheek during class resulting in them confessing. She has medium lengthed hair and is competitive,witty sarcastic and fun.
pandagamer1706 pandagamer1706 Oct 23, 2016
Maria is entering hogwarts for the first time, then when she was in the hogwarts express she bumped with james
                              And james started to fall in love with her (surprise me in the next part 😊)
fish_fish_9 fish_fish_9 Mar 03, 2016
Light brown/caramel colored hair in a braid, green eyes, some freckles, 5"6, skinny and vanilla creme colored skin
phoenixflames0 phoenixflames0 Nov 24, 2016
Both gryffindor, but both graduated (Belle only recently so was taught by Lupin in same class as golden trio, plus her whole family are long term committed members of the order)
phoenixflames0 phoenixflames0 Nov 24, 2016
Fred, George, golden trio (harry, Ron, hermione), Remus, Sirius, Ginny, is kinda friends with everyone
phoenixflames0 phoenixflames0 Nov 24, 2016
Old(er) Remus Lupin- war times (2nd war, golden trio era. He doesn't die, battle of hogwarts doesn't happen and he and tonks have no interest in each other)