Seducing Jinhwan (iKON Fanfic)

Seducing Jinhwan (iKON Fanfic)

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Lexxiy Yen By xxIssuesUnsolvedxx Updated Aug 29

"He, to me, stood out the most. The way he moved.... It was just breathtaking. But there's one problem.

He only likes pretty girls.

And I don't fit that category to him."        -Serin

bejeweledMe bejeweledMe Feb 15
                              the both of you would probably be the ones seducing jinhwan instead of her 😂😂😂
Of course these two Pabo I can't wait to see what happens 😂
If hanbin oppa was my friend THAT would be enough for me lol
byhayee byhayee Oct 17, 2015
Gosh. This is so cool~~ please continue this story till the end /bow
marc077 marc077 Jul 14, 2015
ive been a fan since 2015 and watched almost all their videos.. And what a co-incidence.. jinhwan is my bias too.
                              like it.. <3 keep it up.
                              anyway.. what's your nationality?
                              just wondering.. thanks
cinderellawnb- cinderellawnb- May 19, 2015
get like me vid is flawless! thanks for this fanfict anyways! kyaahh. since its abt jinny so ill read it. xiexie! :)))))