burned ➷ stiles stilinski [1]

burned ➷ stiles stilinski [1]

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(temporary) hiatus By lolstilinski Completed

❝stiles, I stopped playing by the rules a long time ago.❞

in which a girl laughs in the face of death



season 3a 

**extended summary inside**

see burned trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV8q1P0_NFw&feature=youtu.be


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Neither am I... And I take it as a compliment thank you very much
deamonio deamonio Oct 19
Lol this remember me the music of Grace Vanderwall of the X factor. 
                              "I don't know my name. 
                              I don't play by the rules of the game"
mandyriv03 mandyriv03 Oct 03
Don't you want to see a man up close? A Phoenix in the fire... TROYE SIVAN😍
If TW was mine Sterek would have happened in the first season ^ 😂
Everybody ignore the fact she met them HALF NAKED why don't you like damn stiles is awkward as it is
-calamity -calamity Sep 14
But if TW is mine, Stydia would have happened in the first episode