burned ➷ stiles stilinski [1]

burned ➷ stiles stilinski [1]

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(temporary) hiatus By lolstilinski Completed

❝stiles, I stopped playing by the rules a long time ago.❞

in which a girl laughs in the face of death



season 3a 

**extended summary inside**

see burned trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV8q1P0_NFw&feature=youtu.be


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-KIRACHU -KIRACHU Dec 20, 2017
um - i thought of isaac but he has blue eyes and - yeah
                              wAIT THOMAS SANGSTER
-greenshells -greenshells Oct 08, 2017
I read this fan fiction like a year ago and now I'm back like WHADDUP HOMIES
AutumnXCrocus AutumnXCrocus Dec 19, 2017
I just finished a Klaus fanfic and I was confused at which one I was reading now 😂😂
siriusIyinsane siriusIyinsane Oct 17, 2017
Oh hay, that's one year more than my obnoxiousness @gwen1com
Unicorncatfart101 Unicorncatfart101 Oct 04, 2017
Don't follow the rules
                              Don't break the rules
                              Bend the rules
poppin130 poppin130 Oct 13, 2017
                              AND ITS LIKE THE FOG HAS LIFTEDD